Mission Statement: “Nourished and empowered by the Spirit, the Casa Mariposa community seeks to live in right relationship with one another, the community, and the earth through hospitality, simple and sustainable living, playful spirituality, and peaceful, prophetic action.”

Declaración de la Misión: “Nutridos y empoderados por el Espíritu, la comunidad de la Casa Mariposa busca vivir en buenas relaciones entre sí, la comunidad y la tierra a través de la hospitalidad, la vida sencilla y sostenible, la espiritualidad espontáneo y la acción pacífica y profética”.

Nuestro Trabajo: (inglés abajo) 

Casa Mariposa ha sido un espacio de solidaridad y apoyo para personas afectadas por el complejo industrial inmigratorio-penitenciario por más que 7 años. En nuestro trabajo de este momento, Casa Mariposa busca eliminar la detención de personas migrando y acompañar a las personas que huyen de la violencia y la opresión. Por lo cual, ofrecemos vivienda, comunidad y solidaridad para personas saliendo de detención en Eloy y Florence, AZ. O. También apoyamos a lxs organizadores comunitarixs que están directamente afectadxs por estos sistemas de violencia.

Por ejemplo, Casa Mariposa trabaja junto a Mariposas Sin Fronteras para brindar hospitalidad y solidaridad a las personas LGBTQ una vez que sean liberadas de la detención.

Mariposas Sin Fronteras es un grupo radicado en Tucson, AZ, que busca poner fin a la violencia sistemática y el abuso de las personas LGBTQJ+ recluidas en la prisión y detención de inmigrantes. Queremos una sociedad que ya no encuentra soluciones en el sistema de detención de inmigrantes o el complejo industrial de prisiones. A medida que trabajamos hacia ese objetivo, apoyamos personas LGBTQJ+ actualmente detenidos en Eloy y Florence, AZ a través de visitas, cartas de apoyo, con ayuda de pagar fianzas, campañas, y la vivienda en la libertad de la detención.


Casa Mariposa is a space of solidarity and support for people affected by the immigration-prison industrial complex. In our current work, Casa Mariposa seeks to ultimately end detention of people in migration and accompany people fleeing violence and oppression by supporting people currently detained in Eloy and Florence, AZ. We provide housing, community and solidarity after life in detention. We also support community organizers who are directly impacted by these systems of violence.

For example, Casa Mariposa works alongside Mariposas Sin Fronteras to provide hospitality and solidarity to LGBTQ people once they are released from detention.

Mariposas Sin Fronteras is a Tucson, AZ based group that seeks to end the systemic violence and abuse of LGBTQ people held in prison and immigration detention. We envision a society that no longer finds solutions in the system of immigration detention or the prison industrial complex. As we work toward that goal, we support LGBTQ people currently detained in Eloy and Florence, AZ through visits, letters, bond support, advocacy, and housing upon freedom from detention.

Where we are: Our address is 127 N. Palomas Avenue, Tucson, AZ  85745. We are located in the Menlo Park neighborhood just west of Downtown Tucson.

Phone: 520-269-6597
Email: ashley.edgette@gmail.com


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  1. I was excited to be advised of your group by Shirley Dunn Perry.

    I am coordinating Elder Circles, The Wisdom journey, founded Peace Circles, Peace Practices for Peacebuilders.

    In process:
    Community Circles for Peacemaking, with Our Family Services
    Charter for Compassion: http://www.charterforcompassion.org conversation circles to reclaim the Golden Rule with St. Francis in the Foothills UMC and International peace Center (in process)

    I hope to get to a Wed. evening. Please advise me of details.
    Del Jones
    Culture of Peace Alliance

  2. Hi Del: We tried to email you and it got sent back. I’ll email Shirley. We would absolutely love it if you joined us for supper any Wednesday at 6:30. There’s also Quaker Silent worship at 6 beforehand if you’d like to participate in that. You and I met at the Peace Fair a couple of years ago and it would be great to see you again! –Carol

  3. hey all!!
    i am soooo interested in what you are doing.
    i work at the co-op, weekday evenings from 3:30 to 9:30, so i can’t make it to the wednesday meals, but would still love to meet with you sometime.

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