Solidarity Dinners 

For more than 8 years Casa Mariposa has provided support to migrants and refugees detained in Eloy and Florence detention centers, accompanied those fleeing violence in their places of origin, and created a place of community to confront the system of detention that criminalizes migration. Unfortunately, as of September 1, the current space of Casa Mariposa will close its doors.

However, we will not give up and need your help to continue our fight. Now, the community of Casa Mariposa and Mariposa Sin Fronteras invite you to join us to buy a new house.

So, we invite you to join our solidarity dinners. There will be a delicious dinner every 2 weeks during the summer to raise funds to buy a new home!

Our goal is to obtain sufficient funds to buy a home by the end of the fiscal year of 2018 as well as immediately support those affected who live in Casa Mariposa at this time.

Thank you for your solidarity and support, we will see you at Casa Mariposa!

Calendar of Solidarity Dinners:


Cenas de Solidaridad

Por más de 8 años Casa Mariposa ha brindado apoyo a personas migrantes y refugiadas detenidas en los centros de detención de Eloy y Florence, ha acompañado a quienes huyen de la violencia en sus lugares de origen, ha creado un lugar de comunidad para enfrentar el sistema de detención que criminaliza la migración. Lamentablemente, a partir del 1 de Septiembre el espacio actual de Casa Mariposa cerrará sus puertas.

Sin embargo, no nos daremos por vencidxs y necesitamos de tu ayuda para seguir nuestra lucha. Ahora, la comunidad de Casa Mariposa y Mariposa Sin Fronteras les queremos invitar a unir con nosotrxs para comprar una nueva casa.

Así, les invitamos a nuestras cenas de solidaridad. Habrá una cena deliciosa cada 2 semanas durante el verano para recaudar fondos para comprar una nueva casa!

Nuestra meta es obtener fondos suficientes para comprar una casa al finales de este año y inmediatamente apoyar a las personas afectadas quienes viven en Casa Mariposa en este momento.

Calendario de Cenas de Solidaridad:

Gracias por su solidaridad y apoyo, les esperamos en Casa Mariposa!

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  1. We met John Heid at the recent Saturday training event at Holly Trinity, then that evening at the Greyhound bus depot. Besides common social concerns we found a Duluth connection.
    Diane and I would like to meet John again,… perhaps we could come to one of the Wednesday evening open meals. Diane says, we can bring something? Bread? We thought we’d ask first rather than how up unannounced.

    John and Diane Hoelter

    • Sorry for the late reply. Bringing something to the meal is not necessary but many people do. We are here every Wednesday. Hope to see you soon!


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