Upcoming Events at Casa Mariposa

First Sunday of Advent
Sunday, Nov. 29th  from 7pm to 8:30pm – Light refreshments provided
The season bends toward shadow and solstice and a wealth of holy and holidays. Advent is one lens into the season between times. Though primarily Christian in its current context, history tells a much wider story. Our ancestors held this time with a kind of awe which predates written language, let alone dogma.
Sunday, Nov. 29th –  What does Advent mean to you?  Bring a poem, story, song, or just your thoughts to share about what the time of Advent means to you personally.

Education in the Brazilian Landless Worker Movement

 A Conversation with Alessandro, National Leader of the MST Education Sector                 

                            Saturday, December 5th                              

7 PM

Location: Casa Mariposa – 127 N. Palomas Ave. Tucson, AZ

The Brazilian Landless Workers Movement (MST), one of the largest social movements in Latin America, is internationally famous for its success occupying large unproductive land estates and pressuring the government to redistribute this land to over 1 million landless farmers. Less well known are the movement’s educational initiatives. Over the past three decades, MST leaders have drawn on diverse educational theories to develop a set of pedagogical practices for schools that encourage youth to stay in the countryside, foster collective forms of work, and participate in political struggle. Activists engage in contentious actions to support their educational ideas, while facilitating community discussions, organizing teacher trainings, and writing curricula with state actors. In the state of Paraná, the MST administers 11 public schools that are currently functioning within MST land occupations. MST leader Alessandro, one of the state coordinators of the education sector in Paraná, will talk about these educational experiences and how the MST has succeeded in both occupying land and occupying the Brazilian school system.

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