Join us for this year’s Easter Vigil at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church


Friends – We invite you to join the Casa Mariposa Community and St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church to spend some time with us throughout the dark night before the dawn of Easter.

You are invited to enter into this mystery with playfulness, with your bodies, with your stories, and with one another. We will remember that before the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, it waits silently within a cocoon.  We will remember those moments in our own lives when we have been transformed; given a second chance; or been reborn. And we will remember many throughout history who followed the way of Jesus to overcome injustice and oppression through acts of nonviolence and love.

The Easter Vigil starts at 10pm on Saturday, March 30th at St. Andrew’s Church located at 545 S. 5th Avenue in  Tucson. There will be readings and activties throughout the night. At 6am we will end with the Renewal of Baptismal Vows and at 7am enjoy a potluck Easter breakfast.



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