More exciting upcoming events in February!


Friends – There are more local events to let you know about coming up soon.

Action to End Operation Streamline

Please join us on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 from 12:30-1:30pm in front of
the Evo A. DeConcini Federal Courthouse in Tucson, Arizona (405 W
Congress).  We will be gathering to demand an end to Operation Streamline
as part of National Days of Action from Feb. 19-21, leading up to a
legislative hearing in DC on February 22 on Operation Streamline as part
of the discussions on Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Operation Streamline is a little-known border enforcement program that is
part of a larger trend toward criminalization of migration. Operation
Streamline mandates criminal prosecution of migrants in certain border
sectors, including the Tucson Sector.  The federal government now commits
over $1.02 billion per year towards sentenced days for the criminal
incarceration of migrants. Since 2005, the federal government has spent an
estimated $5.5 billion incarcerating undocumented immigrants in the
criminal justice system for unauthorized entry and re-entry, above and
beyond the civil immigration system. The private prison industry is one of
the biggest beneficiaries of these programs. Lucrative contracts for
Bureau of Prisons-contracted “Criminal Alien Requirement” prisons have
contributed to record profits for corporations like GEO Group and
Corrections Corporation of America.

Other groups across the country will be staging similar press conferences
and actions from the 19th to the 21st.  Attached and below you can see a
memo that outlines a broad statement of demands for any comprehensive
immigration reform.  This memo comes from national groups such as
Grassroots Leadership, ACLU, AFSC, and Justice Strategies that are working
to organize these National Days of Action.

Fundraiser for Iskashitaa

Iskashitaa Refugee Network will be holding a fundraiser and video premiere at La Concina (201 N. Court) on Tuesday, February 26th from 12pm to 10pm. At this all day celebration you will have the opportunity to purchase beautiful, local, refugee-made food and craft products as well as particpage in silent auction. 10% of all food and beverage sales at La Cocina will go to Iskashitaa.

Iskashitaa Refugee Network is a grass roots organization that helps rebuild refugee lives through involvement in the Tucson community. Iskashitaa is a community partner of Casa Mariposa and keeps our house full of oranges and grapefruit!



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