Letter from Political Prisoner in Florence Detention Center


Friends – Please read the request below from someone The Restoration Project has been supporting. Thanks! This holiday season, give the gift of helping an inspiring, young, queer political prisoner be freed from the confines of the immigration detention center in Florence, AZ where she is currently held.  Her name is Estrellita and she is seeking help paying her bond, which she expects to be around $3500. She does not have family support and when I spoke with her this week she asked me to spread the word and to ask others to help support her to pay her bond. Here is what she writes:

“Hola, mi nombre es Estrellita y estoy detenida en Florence, AZ.  Yo necesito de su ayuda.  Mi familia me odia por ser homosexual, y no tengo el apoyo de nadie, solamente de Casa Mariposa y Rainbow Defense Fund.  Mi situacion es la siguiente:  Ya pedi asilo politico y ya fui a la entrevista y pase.  Lo unico que me falta es de la fianza.  Les voy a agradecer toda mi vida si me ayudar con la fianza.  Yo se que afuera hay angeles y se los voy a agradecer mucho.  Mi corte la tengo para el 31 de energo para lo de la fianza.  Ayudenme please please!

“Hello, my name is Estrellita and I am detained in Florence, AZ.  I need your help.  My family hates me for being homosexual, and I do not have the help of anyone, only Casa Mariposa and the Rainbow Defense Fund.  My situation is the following:  I asked for political asylum and went to my [credible fear] interview and passed.  The one thing left is the bond.  I will be grateful for all of my life if you help me with the bond.  I know that outside there are angels and I will appreciate them very much.  My court for bond is January 31.  Help me please please!

Estrellita experienced significant trauma in her home country of Honduras based on her sexual orientation and is seeking safe haven here in the United States.  Help her to be released and to live outside of bars and barbed wire. The Rainbow Defense Fund will be collecting funds for Estrellita, with the goal of raising $3500 by January 31st so she can be released as soon as a bond is set.  Please donate online by Paypal at: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=JNW8Y9XZDLWD4 or
send a check made out to “Restoration Project, Florence” to:
Attn:  Rainbow Defense Fund
Casa Mariposa
127 N. Palomas Ave
Tucson, AZ 85745
Thank you so much!
The Rainbow Defense Fund


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