Remembering the Holy Innocents – Then and Now


Today is the Feast of the Holy Innocents – a day that we remember an act of civil disobedience, a refugee family, and a massacre of baby boys. The astrologers from the East disobey Herod and do not return to report to Herod details on the baby Jesus’ location. When Joseph is instructed through a dream to take the child and his mother to Egypt because Herod is looking for the child in order to kill him – suddenly they are a family not safe in their own homeland. Finally, there is Herod who feels threatened by the thought that a child, who might be a future king, will lose his power and throne. He orders the massacre of all boys two years old and under – just in case. What more could be said then what is stated in Matthew 2:17-18, What was said through Jeremiah the prophet was then fulfilled:

“A cry was heard at Ramah,
sobbing and loud lamentation:
Rachel bewailing her children;
no comfort for her, since they are no more.”

Over the centuries, how many Rachels have wailed for her children due to war and poverty? How many families have had to leave their homelands and homes because of violence and greed? How many of us have been willing to disobey unjust laws? How many of us have been silent to her cries?

This Feast day has often been used as day of action and civil disobedience to speak out for all the Rachels and her children who are dying and suffering at the hands of the war machine around the world. I’m sure this day was no different. Members of Casa Mariposa and the larger Tucson community gathered this morning outside the Davis-Monthan Air Force base to bear witness to the 178 children and 900 civilians killed by US drones in Afghanistan and Yemen alone. It is our prayer that there will soon be an end to war.

Here is a link to a video that shows the human cost of drones.

title=”Drone Video”>


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