Good Friday Reflections by the Restoration Project


Friday, April 6
12:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Using the experience of Jesus on the day he was murdered we will walk and reflect on the death of Jesus, the experiences of migrants, immigration policy, and our lives.

The procession will start at 12:30 pm at the fountain behind the federal court house in Tucson. The federal courthouse building is at the corner of Granada and Congress. Parking is available across the street. Or you can meet at St. Andrew’s Episcopal church (545 S. 6th Ave) and carpool. The walking procession will end at St. Andrew’s.

After readings and prayers, we will enter the federal courthouse to witness part of Streamline, where 70 migrants are brought in chains before a federal judge to be sentenced for crossing the border without authorization. Please bring an ID and do not bring cameras with you. They are not allowed inside the courtroom or building.

After Streamline we will walk together to several sites to reflect, pray, and share readings from scripture. The procession will end around 3:30 pm with the final reflection inside St. Andrew’s Episcopal church.

Please bring: an ID to enter the federal courthouse and plan accordingly to walk about 1 mile outside.


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