Join in the work of Casa Mariposa


If you’d like to support the hospitality and community building that happens at Casa Mariposa, here are specific ways:

Bags: cloth, duffle, backpacks, nice big purses. People are released by ICE from the detention centers with their belongings in a plastic trash sack. In the last 13 weeks more than 80 people have stayed at Casa Mariposa and we meet many more people at the station each week night. We give the bags away.

Toothbrushes & little tubes of toothpaste: We make them available to people when they stay with us.

Donations: The rent is $1,800 a month. Community members work to pay the rent, but it is still a struggle every month. Long term we are in discernment about what to do. If you know of a building or house for sale cheap or that someone would like to donate as a good new home for Casa Mariposa, we are currently looking at our options.

Checks can be made out to Restoration Project. Thanks!




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