The Vision Continues


Below are the minutes from our visioning day, please join us for round 2 on Fed 26

Visioning Day for Restoration Project

January 22, 2011


In attendance: John, Danny, Sean, Fred, Kate, Jean, Carol, Carlos


We discussed what we value about the community.  Carlos lead a discussion on worship.  Kate put forth a proposal on covenant community.  We also discussed money and sustainability as well as how we might connect to the spiritual needs of the larger community.


Action items:

Wednesday dinner: whoever leads prayer will also share the mission statement and remind people about the donation butterfly/basket

We will think about who we know in the community who might want to come to Wednesday dinner and be more intentional about inviting them

We will think about better ways to honor transitions

The house community will become more articulate about daily worship and share those times with the larger community

Two new worship services: 4pm communion on Sundays; writing group with people at the day labor center 8am on Fridays

House community will talk at Thurs brunch about financial and time needs of the community

Everyone who wants to will read the proposed covenant community model (below) and pray about it in preparation for meeting again 9am-5pm on Saturday, February 26th

John, Danny, Sean, Kate, and Fred will meet Sunday February 30 following the service to plan the agenda for the 26th


Proposed Circle of Involvement for Restoration Project 2011


Community Members

Anyone who considers themselves a part of the Restoration Project, through participation in any of our many enjoyable activities


Covenant Community Members

Make a public annual commitment (on or around March 1) to a rule of life which embodies our community’s core values and mission statement, regular presence at weekly worship, and financial support of the community.

Covenanted members retreat twice a year and hold the authority of decision making for the community.


Residential Community Members

Members who live at Casa Mariposa (ideally covenant members) and commit additionally to sharing in responsibility for weekly meals and household chores.  Residential members make a minimum six month commitment to living in the house and meet once monthly for house business.


Core Members

Residential Covenant members who devote 10-20 hrs a week toward the larger work of the community (coordinating hospitality, volunteers, cooking community meals, leading classes, worship, managing finance and communications, etc) Core members agree to work no more than 20 hrs outside of the house, participate in daily worship, and meet weekly as a smaller group for business and community.  Generally, core members are compensated for their time with a reduced rent.







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