Wednesday Supper is On


Weekly Wednesday supper is back on. We took a little break in July. But we’ll see you Wednesday.

Quaker style silent worship starts at 6 pm. Usually on the back porch. Anyone is welcome. You don’t have to be Quaker or even know what is going on. A short intro is given at the beginning. Listening in silence is subversive in this day and age. Come be subversive and marinate in the stillness.

Dinner served around 6:30. We usually do introductions, folks share announcements about upcoming events they are excited about, and then we sing a song and eat. Who sings any more? We do.  It’s fun. The food is vegetarian, always with vegan and gluten-free options. And we mostly eat locally, seasonally, and organically. You don’t have to bring anything. But if you brought something (oh, like homemade cookies or chocolate or something) it would be happily enjoyed. Help setting up, cleaning up and doing dishes always appreciated.

See you soon!

Getting ready for Wednesday supper

Photo by Scott Griessel.


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