What’s happening here


Our housemate Cruz is representing the Restoration Project at the U.S. Social Forum. She left today on the greyhound to Phoenix for the first leg of the journey to Detroit. She’ll offer a workshop when she gets back to share all that she learned. So stay tuned for that.

We are participating in Freedom Summer 2010. If you are interested in coming to Tucson this summer and being part of the work to resist SB 1070 and joining in the life of the Restoration Project community, talk to us about renting a cheap room with us at the Casa.  Email us at RestorationProject340ATgmailDOTcom about the dates you’d be interested and a little about your background and interest. You can come for a few days or a few weeks.

This Wednesday, June 23, will be a special community dinner. Join us for Quaker Worship at 6 pm, a mashed potato bar supper at 6:30, and then at 7:30 one of our friends is going to get baptized in the backyard. Wednesday is also the eve of when church tradition celebrates St. John the Baptist. A perfect time for a baptism party.


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