Dream Act


Four immigrant leaders were arrested today in Tucson. They face deportation. Learn more about them here.

Here’s the article from the New York Times.

Illegal Immigrant Students Protest at McCain Office

Published: May 17, 2010

In an escalation of protest tactics, five immigrants dressed in caps and gowns held a sit-in on Monday at the Tucson offices of Senator John McCain, calling on him to sponsor legislation to open a path to legal status for young illegal immigrants.

Joshua Lott for The New York Times

The offices of Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, in Tucson were the scene of a demonstration Monday by students favoring legislation that would give some illegal immigrants an opportunity to gain conditional permanent legal residency.

Joshua Lott for The New York Times

Police officers stood outside Sen. McCain’s offices in Tucson.

Joshua Lott for The New York Times

Four students held a sit-in Monday in the Tucson office of Senator John McCain. They were, from left, Tania Unzueta, Lizbeth Mateo and Yahaira Carrillo, of Mexico, and Mohammad Abdollahi of Iran. Raúl Alcaraz, a legal resident from Mexico, joined.

Four of the protesters, including three who are in the country illegally, were arrested Monday evening on misdemeanor trespassing charges. The three were expected to face deportation proceedings.

It was the first time students have directly risked deportation in an effort to prompt Congress to take up a bill that would benefit illegal immigrant youths.

Separately on Monday, a lawsuit was filed in federal court in Phoenix by a coalition of civil rights, labor and religious groups challenging the new Arizona law that allows the police to detain suspected illegal immigrants as unconstitutional, saying it would lead to racial profiling.

Though it was the fifth suit challenging the law, it was widely believed to have the best chance of being heard by the courts given the groups’ experience and the nature of the complaint.

Read the full article here.


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