Come Celebrate with Our Friends


Felice and Jack Cohen-Joppa, of Tucson, with the help of many others they like to add, have continued the work of the Nuclear Resister for 30 years, supporting imprisoned nuclear and war resisters across the country and around the world. Saturday is a 30th Anniversary Celebration, a St. Valentine’s* Dessert Fiesta. Yes, that’s dessert, as in yumminess! Here are the details…

Saturday, February 13th
2 pm to 4 pm
At St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church, Calvin Room, 3809 E. 3rd St., Tucson
Sliding scale:  $10 – $30 ($1 for each year!)
Cake, coffee & tea, cookies, cupcakes, chocolate, community, celebration, silent auction, chair massages, and more! Music by Nuclear Resister intern Allison McGillivray and special guests! Treats from more than 20 community bakers!!

Join guests of honor:
Past prisoners of conscience from Ft. Benning and other actions reported in the 156 issues of the Nuclear Resister to date.

Silent auction with wonderful items!
* An hour long massage from Catherine Mullaugh
* An amazing catered dinner for four from Jack Cohen-Joppa
* A special birding expedition from John “Sparrow” Heid
* A basketful of delectable cookies from Ann Nichols
* Three gourmet cookbooks
* A beautiful ceramic piece from Racheli Gai
* A luscious cake from Amy Ferber
* A delicious Valentine’s Day pie from Jack Cohen-Joppa and Allison McGillivray

More info: 323-8697 or
*St. Valentine gained his reputation as a friend of lovers when he defied the Emperor’s edict forbidding soldiers to wed, and performed secret marriages in the temple.  Single men were seen as more willing warriors, and Valentine was imprisoned because he acted on his faith that the power of love must prevail over the demands of war.  Behind bars, he gave aid to other prisoners.

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