Nonviolent Conflict Intervention Workshop


Together we can create peace.

We are sponsoring a day long nonviolent conflict intervention workshop this month. We invite you to join us.

Using a curriculum created by the Nonviolent Peaceforce, this interactive skill-building workshop provides techniques that are used successfully by individuals in their daily lives, by local peace teams, and by the Nonviolent Peaceforce International Civilian Peacekeepers.

Nonviolent Conflict Intervention (NCI) differs from other nonviolence training by focusing on nonpartisan, active, third party intervention. Most nonviolence courses teach what to do when you are yourself in conflict with another person – NCI training introduces and builds upon such skills while showing how you might intervene to de-escalate conflict between two (or more) other people or parties. Come and explore how nonviolent methods can lessen or prevent conflict—in your daily life, in your community, and around the world.

The workshop will take place:

Saturday, February 27, 2010
8:30 am
to 4:30 pm on
at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
545 South 5th Avenue, Tucson

Reservations: required. Workshop is limited to 20 people.
Fee: a
reasonable sliding scale, as you are able: $10–$45.
Workshop i
ncludes: a 45-page workbook, light breakfast and lunch.
acilitators: are trained leaders of Nonviolent Peaceforce North America.

Special thanks to St. Andrew’s for donating the space for this workshop, to Paul Christian, of Tucson for coordination efforts, and to the facilitators Madelyn and Marilyn, who are traveling to Tucson from Los Angeles to lead the workshop.

To pre-register contact Carol: 520.429.9792, restorationprojectATgmailDOTcom.

Partial or full payment is required in advance to reserve your spot.


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