Barter Bazaar This Sunday Afternoon


Participate in a life-giving, creative, ancient economic system: Bartering!

Barter for gifts and more Sunday 2 to 4 pm.

This Sunday, December 13, you are invited to bring goodies and trade — for goodness sake.

Yes, bring your art, that coffee table book you are ready to get rid of, handmade and homemade gifts, baked goods, plants, seedlings, good stuff that someone else surely needs more than you. And then barter away!

Each person will work out transactions directly with others. “I’ll trade you your Johnny Cash t-shirt for this loaf of homemade bread.” See? We’ll also have a table where you can simply leave something and take what you think is a fair trade. So, two ways to do it. Just come, bring some stuff and see what happens! It’s fun!

Call us at 520-269-6597 if you have questions. We’ll set it all up in the backyard of the casa. 2 pm to 4 pm, Sunday, Dec. 13. See you then.


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