What are we doing at Casa Mariposa?


Last night we were happy to meet two of the new Presbyterian Young Adult Volunteers. They came over to the house for the film. (Welcome to Tucson, Elsbeth and Emily!)  One of them asked, “So tell me more about the Restoration Project.” I tried to explain how it all happened and what we do and what we are trying to do.

This morning I read an email from Arizona Center for Theological Studies and some words popped out. They speak clearly to the vision that brought us together and that we seek to live into through the Restoration Project.

…confront the numbness and fear of the day with words and actions that provide alternatives and options for the restoration of life with God.
How do we do that?

We share money, furniture, skills, so there is more for all to enjoy.
We sing.
We offer hospitality.
We grow some of our own food.
We have chickens.
We encourage and support one another in our ministries, callings, and social justice work in the world.
We create a space for discussion and awareness raising around social justice issues.
We eat together.
We talk to one another about what gives us life and what drains us.
We take a day to rest and play and pray each week.

Some of us give aid to migrants in the desert.
Some of us teach.
Some of us write.
Some of us preach.

We are beyond denominations.
We come from and serve in several different Christian churches but we pray together and learn from one another.
Living in community is our way of living into the reality of the kindom of God here, now.

And in all this we are restored: to community, to God, to the earth, to our calls, to the work of God in the world, to the justice God longs for in this world, in this borderland, in our lives. But it’s not finished. We are not finished. Or perfect. And so this work is ongoing.

And that’s why we are the Restoration Project.


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