Next Up: Farm Worker Justice


More than 30 people piled on to the back porch last night to watch and discuss Traces of the Trade. It is not easy to talk about racism and the lingering consequences of slavery. But this film helps to open that door to healing and deeper connection a little bit more. Much thanks to the gentle souls, Jim Perry (who is in the film) and Shirley Dunn Perry, who led discussion afterward.

Check out Inheriting the Trade, the book and blog, for more about how one DeWolf family member is working to educate and inspire action around slavery and racism.

Sunday, Oct. 11, our film series follows the story of slavery into American farm fields. We’ll show the 1960 documentary Harvest of Shame about farm workers and the conditions in which they labored. Then we’ll show current footage from Florida and the Immokalee Farm Workers.



From the Coalition of Immokalee Farm Workers website:

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) is a membership-led farmworker organization of mostly Latino, Haitian and Mayan Indian immigrants working in low-wage jobs throughout the state of Florida.  We have been organizing in the town of Immokalee since 1993 and have a base of nearly 4,000 members.

The CIW has two primary campaigns. Our Campaign for Fair Food seeks to improve wages and working conditions for Florida tomato pickers by calling on major buyers of tomatoes to pay a premium of one penny more per pound for their tomatoes, ensure that this penny is passed down directly to farmworkers, and work together with the CIW to establish and implement a code of conduct in their supply chains.

Our Anti-Slavery campaign is an effort to put an end to the continued existence of modern-day slavery in the agricultural industry. To date, we have worked together with the Department of Justice and the FBI to uncover, investigate and federally prosecute seven cases of modern-day slavery in Florida’s fields. We are founding members of the national network to end modern-day slavery, the Freedom Network USA, and through the Freedom Network Training Institute (FNTI), we also train law enforcement and NGOs on how to eliminate forced labor in their communities.

Click here for expanded information about the CIW


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